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Project Manager(2024/3/4)
XPS service engineer(2024/3/4)
Technical service manager(2024/3/4)
LC-MS service engineer(2024/3/4)
LC-MS Application Engineer(2024/3/4)
China Commercial Manager(2024/3/4)
Process Engineer(2024/3/4)
Application Chemist(2024/3/4)
Lab Manager(2024/3/4)
Hardware Engineer(2024/3/4)
Area Sales Manager(2024/3/4)
Sales Engineer(2024/3/4)

  Search Procedure

The process we adopt is designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the market. Our delivery is NOT just a set of candidates, but a discussion on market availability, comparative benchmarking plus the comfort knowing that we have found the solution that best fits the client.

  • Through discussion with our client, we reach an understanding of the company culture, organization structure, and position requirements. Then sign an agreement with client.
  • Relying on the experience and creativity of the consultants, we identify the industries in which successful candidates might be found. Then examine the target companies and evaluate individuals within these companies.
  •  As individual who seem to have the qualities we seek are confirmed, we obtain comprehensive career information from them and arrange individual, personal interviews to discuss in greater depth the client position requirement.
  •  Prepare reports, including the candidate’s qualifications examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality analyzed.
  • We next arrange for candidates to come forward and after each session, obtain feedback from all parties concerned. Interest levels on both sides are carefully monitored.
  •  Both the client and the candidate may draw on our knowledge of market compensation and benefit levels/trends to discuss and structure a competitive yet equitable package. This ensures a satisfactory agreement between both parties.
  •  We undertake extensive and formal reference checks to confirm a candidate’s career achievements.

After the successful candidate has started the job, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with the candidate and the client to ensure both a smooth integration into the organization and the achievement of expected performance goals.



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